Sketching dragons

Dragon pencil draft

Over the last few months I have been working on a project involving wizards and dragons.  I know it is a bit different from the usual fashion illustrations I post on WordPress, but I just wanted to show that I am still drawing and keep you all updated.

It took me a while to post anything because I was having problems loading up anything on WordPress.  I couldn’t read my notifications or post any new content.  Thankfully all problems are resolved.

When I first started sketching dragons, I found it to be a huge challenge.  The anatomy is completely different to what i’m used to and also it’s completely made-up.  Different artist combine a number of animal features to create a convincing looking dragon.

After a few weeks of trial and error.  I found drawing dragons to be entertaining, especially when drawing the scales, like my Knitted scarf picture, the repetition of similar shapes is soothing.  Although I will admit it is time consuming and most likely a process that I could skip or reduce, but for the time being it suits me fine.